Pedro J. Molina, PhD
Software Architect & Engineer
Sevilla, Spain.
Accidental Complexity Reductor.
Meta-driven guy with feet on earth.

The Metalevel Here I blog from time to time about my main passion: Model Driven Development, DSLs, and Code Generation.

Essential Tooling for Metamodeling and Code Generation.


Avaliable to help on: development, coaching development teams and startups. Courses and guidance on: software architecture, CI, DI, docker, cloud deployments, scalability, agile and process improvements.

You can hire me as a freelance on site or remote. Ask for a quote.


Technical: Software Development, Product Innovation, Software Architecture, Software Development Process Improvement. Software Modeling, DSLs, Code Generation.
Machine Languages: NodeJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, MongoDB, C#, HTML, CSS, JSON, YAML, XML, TeX, & LaTeX.
Human Languages: Spanish (native), English (high), Valencian (understood)
Soft skills: Communication, critical thinker, creative, passionate, team-worker.


Pedro J. has worked in the field of Software Models and Code Generation for the last 15 years. In the Technical University of Valencia he earned his PhD in Computer Science studying the field of Modeling User Interfaces and code-gen for business User Interaces. Later on, in the industry, he bas been involved in the creation of products like OlivaNova for CARE Technologies, and more recently Hivepod and Buildup for Icinetic. He also did consulting for Capgemini working as Software Architect. He has played the roles of Developer, Researcher, Software Architect, R&D Director, and CTO. Nowadays, he is a freelance and works independiently.

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